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The New Coiltek 14" Round Elite Mono Coil Review by Staff Member Scott Thurber

November 23rd, 2015

Cody Holmes



Yes I did and I liked it…The first opportunity to get out with my Minelab GPX-5000 and the new CoilTek 14″ Mono Elite Coil was well worth the wait.  Not only did I find smaller targets others missed and even a couple deep pieces of trash, I also found the heavy yellow metal. When the trip was done, I ended up finding 8 nuggets for a total weight of 13.8 grams….. and they were found in a wash that others had detected many times before.


Here are some of the 1st things I noticed and wanted to share.




Smooth, Stable & Quiet – I don’t worry about wearing out the coil covers, as I try to scrub my coils on the ground as much as possible to get best depth, this I learned a long time ago, that the farther the coil is off the ground, the less signal depth penetrating into the ground. This is not rocket science here folks!  But another big benefit I noticed with this coil is how smooth and quiet it performed, even when bumping into rocks, bushes and such.  It certainly runs much smoother than many of the older coils I have.



Sensitive to a variety of targets. I was also impressed with the sensitivity and signal response on the small targets, as well as bigger ones, even at depth!    Little bits of trash (yes we find those too) were clean responsive signals, just like if using a smaller coil on a little nugget. I was quite impressed.


Depth to larger targets. I was excited to take this coil down to Rye Patch Nevada in order to test it on some targets that some of Gerry’s Detectors staff members have buried at known depths in years past.  One target in particular is a 5 grammer at 24″ that was buried about three years ago.  The 14″ Elite gave a soft clean signal that would grab your attention and cause you to stop and want to dig. Incredibly, I was able to raise the coil up off the ground a few more inches and still get a decent target response.  Now that is impressive as I know some areas with deeper gold I plan on returning to.




Overall thoughts on a $400 investment of this coil.  Considering I found 13.8 grams of gold with it in the short amount of time used, it certainly has paid for itself.  But, the fact is even if I had not found the gold, I still could see, feel and hear the benefits of this new coil.  If the opportunity arises, I like to try and one up my buddies and other hunters when we detect the same ground. To do so you need to take advantage of the new technologies and products by using it in your old sites before the others get there.  CoilTek is a proven worldwide known brand and so I know (and proved it) a new coil will help me find more gold.

All in all, I really like this coil a lot and am looking forward to getting many more hours out in the gold fields with it!

This CoilTek 14″ Elite tics all the right boxes for what I look for in a coil and more.

Thanks for another fantastic product and giving us more options to find gold.


Scott Thurber

Carey Idaho USA

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  1. Janna #
    April 28, 2017

    Thanks for the review, Scott! I need to find some more heavy yellow targets first, but then will make this leap!!

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