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Minelab GPZ 7000 Review by Rye Patch Ron

June 23rd, 2015

Cody Holmes


I have been testing and comparing the GPZ –7000 since its conception. I have been working with Gerry and the other staff members so we get the most knowledge possible of what makes the 7000 the best gold finding metal detector on the market.  The 7000’s new technology is not like anything we have seen before and so we all need to understand how to get the most out of us and the NEW GPZ


7000 2


The first thing you will notice about the 7000 is a new look. It looks similar to the CTX 3030 but that is where that comparison stops. I really like the collapsible  lower shaft and the ergonomics of the new handle. Minelab choose to add a swing arm with the GPZ-7000 and at first being  (I don’t need that type of guy) I left it off and went on my merry way. That did not last long. After the first hour I was back at the truck and adding it to the upper shaft of the GPZ. The swing arm really gives the operator very good coil control on flat ground and when swinging on a side hill is outstanding. The New style bungee cord works well and is easy to adjust on the fly, another very good improvement. The only complaint I had was the weight of new style coil, which has about 6000 feet of wire in its winding and it is a bit heavy, but that being said you will get used to it very quickly when you see the gold the 7000 is capable of finding. I was amazed at how the GPZ picked out small and deep nuggets in previously hunted out areas. I have only seen the Fishers Gold Bug 2 find pieces as small as the GPZ will find and at times the 7000 can find them deeper than the Gold Bug 2. The GPZ continues to find gold nuggets that ALL other detectors have missed. Minelab’s new technology is has been very impressive to the team members on Gerry’s Training Staff and his customers that we have trained.


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What kinds of Gold will the Minelab’s New GPZ find? Well, almost all kinds. As some people know gold is just not found in solid nuggets. There is sponge , honey comb, specimen and of course the nice looking solid nugget to name a few. Some specimen gold is like salt and pepper just fine small bits of gold mixed with quartz and other minerals not always




visible to the naked eye. The 7000 did outstanding in our testing and finding in the field on these types of gold.


The GPZ’S new programing is easy to setup with the new screen showing you the options that are available for the user. Now I am not saying this is a turn on go metal detector because it is NOT. With all machines the user needs to understand the options on the unit and how they work. Gerry’s customers, that have had his training I believe will agree, getting hands on training is invaluable in learning your new gold nugget detector and what it can and can’t do. As an example when the ground is both mineralized and wet will the 7000 handle this condition? The simple answer is yes but there are trade offs from when the soil is in an ideal condition for detecting. Learning things like this from Gerry and his Training Staff will help you to be more successful with your new GPZ-7000 .




The new Menu now has the following options: Gold Mode & Ground Type


The Gold Mode function has three options: High Yield,General, Extra Deep.


The Ground Type has three options: Normal, Difficult, Severe.


This is a brief look at various combinations:


High Yield/Normal – For mild ground this is a good selection.

General/Normal – In mild to Medium soils, this will provide good depth on some sizes of gold

 Extra Deep/Normal – The best depth combination  for very large gold, but only in mild soils conditions

 High Yield/Difficult – For finding the greatest number of targets in mineralized soils

 General/Difficult – A good for setting for most medium  to high mineralized ground. Runs smoother and provides a slight depth increase over High Yield on larger gold.

 Extra Deep/Difficult – This is a specialty setting for maximum depth in  mineralized soil and deep larger gold

 Severe – Use this on the worst ground conditions, depth loss will occur using this setting.


In my opinion the GPZ-7000 is excellent new technology with great promise for the future. There is very little gold that can hide from this machine. I highly recommend the GPZ as the best gold finding metal detector that I have had in my hands in the 35 years! Get your NEW GPZ-7000 from  and get Gerry’s Field Training to get you on the right track. Give Gerry a call or email him @  and start finding the gold you seek!  You can follow Gerry on Facebook here:


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