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Will’s Testimonial

March 14th, 2017

Cody Holmes

Good Morning,

If Lunk hasn’t told you yet, I had a wee bit of a problem with the Cholla, (still digging the needles out) and the harness….I’ll figure a way to better deal with both. Now to the assessment I promised, I like to put together a basic legend with a grading scale…the higher the number the better the rating. I think this provides a better assessment than just he did this or that etc.

GPZ knowledge of the product….8 … (Not higher because I don’t know the machine well enough to determine if he was lacking anywhere). He certainly knows more about the machine than I do and I learned from him.

Attitude:  9 I don’t give out 10’s….so this is a high very grade for me….from the beginning he was professional and easy to deal with. Very important when you first meet someone…a great first impression goes a long way in my opinion.

Communication: Listening and sharing…..Both 9’s…. This is where he scored better than anyone I’ve worked with before. I had been trained by 5 individuals (various machines) before Lunk in the 20 + years I’ve been in the field… this wasn’t new for me… he was patient and answered every question I posed…

Personality:  9Pleasant disposition, he made feel like I could ask anything at any time and he was very attentive to my needs as a trainee with the 7000.

Follow-Thru…9… This is usually an area I give low scores for…..but Lunk has already followed through with web links etc. as he promised that he would.

I have no particular reason to grade Lunk so high, I gave him what I thought he genuinely earned.  I’d try and hang on to him Gerry.


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