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Erik’s “Testimonial”

May 1st, 2016

Cody Holmes

Good morning Gerry,

My name is Erik and  I reside in Nevada.  I have been prospecting for about 25 years and took up metal detecting about a year ago.  Originally I purchased a mid range PI detector from Amazon.  I had never received any formal training with the machine and detected on the weekends regularly for the majority of that year without any gold.  On one of my later outings I performed a series of tests with my machine on a 1.5 pennyweight ( 2.3 gram) nugget buried at various depths.  I realized that my machine was not “seeing” the target.  Based on the recommendation of a fellow detectorist I contacted Gerry McMullen of Gerry’s Metal Detectors out of Boise, Idaho.  Gerry was quick to respond and listen to my story.  After listening, Gerry recommended the MineLab GPZ 7000 package and encouraged me to enroll in his training course to be held at Rye Patch, Nevada.  Gerry gave me a great deal on the machine and training and the customer service was exceptional throughout the whole process of acquiring the machine and enrolling in training.  At the three day training course, Gerry and his staff of expert metal detectors conveyed their knowledge on detecting techniques, detector types and capabilities, detector settings and operation, and target recognition and recovery techniques.  Gerry and his staff were very professional and willing to share their wealth of knowledge on detecting and prospecting.  The weekend following the training course, I found 4 nuggets at two different locations.  One of the locations had been detected several times over by many different machines and operators.

All I can say is, If you are serious about finding gold, coins, or relics, buy the best from the best!


EKL Gold 04               EKL Gold 01

Thank you for helping me realize my goals in nugget shooting.


Erik L. in NV


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  1. Erik Lee #
    May 3, 2016

    Thanks Ron! Been running your settings mostly. Watch out nuggets! Take it easy


  2. May 1, 2016

    Had a good time working with you EriK. Great job finding your first gold with the 7000. There will hopefully much more to come.


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