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Doc’s Nugget Stalker Brand 5 Piece Cover set for the new Minelab GPX6000 Detector

August 26th, 2021

Cody Holmes



Doc’s Nugget Stalker® Brand 5 Piece Cover set for the new Minelab GPX6000 Detector

(Nugget Stalker® and the stick figure of a person detecting are Federally Registered Trademarks in the U.S. and Australia)


(5 piece include the Head Cover, the Removable Shade Cover, the Arm Cuff Cover, the arm cuff cover strap and the Main Body Cover.     Total weight 8 ounces)


You will be amazed and pleased with the outstanding workmanship of this cover set.  This kind of quality can only be found in Doc’s Nugget Stalker® brand covers.

The color coordinated Digital Blue Camo canvas type material is really an attractive addition to your detector.  The covers have a thin lining of neoprene to make them super tough.  The neoprene padding protects your beautiful new detector.  The bottom of the detector cover, where it sits on the ground, has a super tough single ply foot made of conveyor belt type material.  Superior protection and a breeze to keep clean, simply wipe off with a damp cloth.  The entire cover set is hand washable in cold water, then air dry. Elastic stabilizer band to hold the coil cable securely in place where it enters the control box.  The back of the cover drops down to give you easy access to the battery.

So you are waiting patiently for your new GPX6000 machine to be released into your sweaty little hands. $6000 for this amazing little piece of technology and you’re just going to let it lay around in the dirt?