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XP Deus

February 19th, 2015

Rye Patch Ron

After testing the XP Deus out a while back, I decided to get one from Gerry’s Metal Detectors – (best price you will find on the Deus) and add it to my arsenal of machines. After receiving it yesterday, I spent most of the night going over my notes and decided to make a program that would be very sensitive and go deep with the stock 9″ coil. After a bunch of testing and measuring I came up with a program that I hoped would do the job I designed it to do. I took it out today for a test run and found that EMI really loved my new program. So I made a small adjustment and started listening to just how much chatter one can create with a machine under a powerline..Answer.. A LOT..but I kept working with it and quieted the chatter to a workable level and managed to come up with one wheatie at 8″ down, this 1994 nickel with D sideways ( I am sure it is worth a fortune! lol) and this nice gold and sterling silver ring at 7′ deep. Not bad for a couple hours testing out a new program. All in all for where I was hunting (a well worked over spot) I think the XP Deus is just what I thought it was, a very good partner for my CTX 3030. What one misses the other seems to find. Thanks Gerry McMullen for getting my machine to me so quickly.IMG_20150219_142524346 (Large)IMG_20150219_142502361 (Large)IMG_20150219_142600766 (Large)
IMG_20150219_160310595_HDR (Large)

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