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“Testimonial” from Dave

August 20th, 2015

Cody Holmes

My first nugget, 1:45 hrs after I started swinging on my own.
Thanks for the settings! FullSizeRender

Further on this – “first nuggie”; not that the nuggie was huge by any measure, but this little guy was under a copper clad bullet fragment, and at only at 3 inches deep, or so.

I almost didn’t dig it…. I’m facing a partial knee replacement in another week+, so “digging everything” is not my first choice (it hurts to transition from down to up). Anyway, I double checked the target site, and there it was…. my first sub-gram piece with the GPZ-7000. All your lessons were heard and learned…. So, thanks again. We all may have missed the field exercises@ Sumpter, thanks to the fires, but our pre-field class – day 1, was huge in grounding us (well at least me,) and I’m sure the others also.

Thanks again for your efforts on these training programs that are tied to our purchases… It was a very important element in the “why” I choose to buy through you, and not thru those few others dealers that are making similar offerings:
The combined knowledge that you and your staff afford those of us who trying our best to put these operational “puzzles” together – to effectively utilize these ever evolving and relatively complex “tools” for finding the ever elusive “AU” (gold) in thoroughly pounded gold fields – well, it is the difference! The detector prices are the same between dealers, but you definitely offer the most important added-value, the knowledge base that helps make these new tools work, along with the rationale’s behind them.

Take care again, and I’ll still try to join you all at the next classes at RP this Fall (Oct or Nov), work permitting. I’ll let you know as soon as I know, if there’s any conflicts.

Best, Dave

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