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SDC-2300 Big Gold find & Testimonial

November 3rd, 2015

Cody Holmes

Hi Gerry,
I want to share with you my big find. I’m glad I took your training class at Rye Patch last May. I learned a lot and not to give up on a target. From the photos you can see I’ve done quite well with the SDC 2300. To the left in the photo, is gold I’ve found since May, plus below, what I found last Saturday, (some is pretty small ) and to the right the 4 nuggets that led me to the big one. I had a hit all around a boulder and was able to dig under one side and roll it. I still had the target but it was big. Hard packed gravel and I’m thinking a chunk of iron. I’m glad I stayed with it. Thank for your demonstrations of how gold and iron can sound the same.
Thanks again,

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