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Minelab Go-Find 40 Metal Detector

May 9th, 2015

Rye Patch Ron


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Product Description

The GO-FIND 40 metal detector by Minelab is the very affordable mid-priced detector in the new 2015 GO-FIND Series propelled with amazing advanced technology putting it far ahead of many detectors offered with “older” electronics. Designed to be very lightweight, slightly over two pounds. From a folded collapsible 22 inches it opens up to a regular full size metal detector. Note the exclusive “New Shape” 10 inch (quick response) waterproof search coil for wider searches and deeper penetration for coins, jewelry, gold and silver and other treasures whether on dry land, wet shorelines, beaches even in water to two feet in depth. All your controls are right in your hand. With a single touch of your finger you are in total control of the GO-FIND 40, select what you want to find, see Treasure View LED screen display your find, pinpoint exactly where you need to dig. Rated a full five stars! Highlvy recommended for teenagers, adults, and great for seniors of all ages. A small investment for all the fun and enjoyment you will have with your new GO-FIND metal detector.

As an added Bonus, the GO-FIND 40 comes with Bluetooth integration and connects to your Smartphone App at no charge. (FREE). With this App you can identify common coins, view detector information, even play music and more. It’s all EASY to use. If you can use a cell phone, you can use your Smartphone App. If you are not sure, or need any assistance, call our toll FREE phones and we can guide you. You do NOT need to use the Bluetooth App to operate the GO-FIND 40, but it’s an added feature detector users have been asking for, and it’s yours, FREE!

Product Features

10″ (7.8 kHz) Waterproof Search Coil
Lightweight (2.3 lbs./1.06 kg)
2 Year Limited Warranty
3 FIND Modes
5 Volume Levels
Smartphone App
5 Treasure View LEDs
4 Levels of Sensitivity