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40 x 20″ Goldhunting Anti-Interference

May 19th, 2013

Cody Holmes


These coils were originally produced in the Anti-Interference (A.I.) configuration for the SALT LAKES in Western Australia but have become a great search tool for many areas around the world. We produce these mainly in the A.I. configuration but also as the DD. We find that a mono coil of this size is too big and will be very noisy. They have excellent depth capabilities which is why they are such good patch finders but their sensitivity to smaller targets, 1-2 grams and below, is greatly reduced. For a 1-2 gram piece to be heard it would need to be on the surface and the coil detecting speed quite slow. However, finding the small pieces is not what this coil is designed for!

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40 x 20″ Goldhunting Anti-Interference

This coil is specially designed for the experienced prospector. Brilliant for locating deep patches while ignoring the smaller targets. Offers excellent depth capabilities plus it’s fully submersible, making it the ideal choice for large, wet terrains and prospecting in any weather.

Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors.

Size: 1000mm x 510mm
Weight: 2346g / 82.7oz
Configuration: Anti-Interference (AI) coil

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