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Minelab CTX 3030 Settings by Ron

April 8th, 2015

Cody Holmes

When one buys a new detector it takes time, patience and experience to get comfortable with your new machine. It helps if you buy your detector from Gerry at .  Gerry will take the time to help you and does have one day classes for coin machine detectors.  That being said after you are own your own and no one is standing there beside you telling you when to dig or how to adjust your machine life gets a little more difficult. When I started using the CTX 3030 I tried different settings and combinations of those settings. Now understand that no one’s settings will work in every situation. We have to learn when and what to change for the area you are hunting. EMI and wet soil can make a difference on a spot we are working. Say you are hunting under a power line next to the area, there is going to some interference. So you must remember to run your noise cancel (which I may do several times a day in that situation) to get your machine to run at it’s best. Setting the sensitivity to high or low will affect performance. You can run auto ground balance and not worry about that part but I do not unless all my targets are shallow and the ground is not mineralized. I am going to do a video  on how I set up my machine in the near future but for now I will share my settings here. Now understand this is NOT the only way to run your machine it’s what I like and works for me. I do run a tone  modified coin mode with the settings below. The tone settings are what I like they do not effect the depth.

Ron’s Program


Coin #

Pattern 2 All Metal

Audio Mode: Combined & Ferrous Coin

Response – Normal

Recovery Fast – Off ( run fast if you are in heavy iron but you will loose depth)

Recovery Deep – On

Seawater – Off

Target Separation – Ferrous Coin

PinPoint- Normal

Volume Gain – 30

Threshold Level – Just audible

Volume Limit – 20

Threshold Pitch – 15

Sensitivity set to manual. Start at 20-22 area and increase until your machine gets a little chatty then back it off 1 or 2 numbers. (Sometimes it will have to be less.)

Auto sensitivity Level– You can use Auto and if I do I run +3 but it does not go as deep most of the time but your machine will be somewhat  more stable and give more consistent VDI #’s.

Ground Balance – Off

Noise Cancel – Auto

GPS – Off or on

Hope this helps some of you on your quest.



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  1. July 18, 2017

    Fred if you have your info correct then I am confused how the noise cancel if run first can in anyway affect the ground balance. The noise cancel is for EMI and other electrical interference. The machine if not on fixed ground balance constantly changes to adapt to the ground so with that logic the noise cancel number would change on each sweep and if you look at the number by holding down the button it does not. Auto ground balance does change all the time and in some cases it can cause depth loss when it adjusts your sensitivity accordingly. In manual ground you are locking the machine and forcing it to try to get the signal through bad ground and yes it will and does at times give you false reading. It is just the way I run my machine to get the most out of it just like I run my gold machines in the very same manner. There is nothing wrong with running everything in auto if that is your or anyone’s choice it is however not mine unless conditions warrant. Like I said in my article mine or anyone’s settings are not the only way. There are is no settings that are correct for every site or situation. Do what makes you successful and test things for yourself just as I do. Thanks for your input.

  2. paul #
    May 30, 2017

    Hi Kelly, how are those settings working out????

  3. May 11, 2017

    Thank you I’ll try it.

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